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Grandpa Woolridge

Grandpa Wooldridge

Memories are many for four generations of the Wooldridge family. It has been 100 years since the establishment of "Wooldridge Boats."

It was 1915 when "Grandpa" Wooldridge (1896-1986) built his first river boat to make that first-ever float down Oregon's Rogue River.  The evolution of Wooldridge Boats from the past to the present was laced with many firsts, like the first-ever trip up the Rogue River in 1947 (with a prop, of course, no jets back then).

Wooldridge designed boats, built boats and blazed a historic trail along the way, guiding such prestigious folks as President Herbert Hoover.

Of course there's more, lots more.  Wooldridge Boats are no longer made of wood, the material of choice is now aluminum, all-welded of course, and the line-up now includes several deep water prop, inboard and outboard jet designs. The fourth generation Wooldridge, Grant, is building boats, and a vital cog in the operation.  The third generation Wooldridge, Glen, is President, of the company.  Named after his grandfather, Glen continues the family tradition as an innovator, explorer and fine boatman.  His dad, Bob, lends valuable advice and boat building experience.

The evolution of Wooldridge Boats during these many decades has contributed to the continuity of the product and its customer friendly design.  There is that ever present awareness that folks buy boats to get at the very best of our outdoors and that demands boats that offer superior handling every step of the way.

The future of boating seems oriented to a growing desire for boats that offer great load hauling ability and performance with modest power, particularly in the jet boat line.  Welded aluminum is obviously the material of choice, with its great strength, resistance to penetration and light weight.

The exclusive Wooldridge tunnel is used throughout the outboard jet boat series detailed in this website and it is a key, in concert with unique hull designs, to superior handling.  Check out our large two-piece walk-thru windshields, the forward walk-around, and the self-draining recessed bow on many of these boats, and admire the stylish, fully-featured SS Pilothouse for cruising and off shore jaunts.  Boats are all-welded aluminum with a limited lifetime hull warranty to the original owner.  And, remember, each feature is an integral part of a total boat design refined to offer you the best of boats and boating. "Grandpa" Wooldridge would be proud of the boats, the craftsman who build them and the many customers who consider Wooldridge Boats the very best!

Four Generations 1979

Four Generations 1979

Bob, Glen, Grant 2008

Bob, Glen, Grant 2008